East Asia Summit (EAS) East Asia Summit (EAS)

East Asia Summit (EAS)

An Annual Leaders’ led forum for dialogue on broad strategic, political and economic issues of common interest and concern with the aim of promoting peace, stability and economic prosperity in East Asia. EAS has been actively striving to contribute to a rules-based approach in managing interstate relations in the region; promotes strategic trust; and help ensure transparent and predictable behavior. At the forum, it is common for leaders from 18 EAS participating countries to participate and intervene on issues of common concern.

From the Indian side, the Prime Minister of India participates and intervenes at the plenary session, on various regional and international issues of common concern. The EAS Summit and ASEAN-India Summit are usually held in October-November every year.

16th EAS Summit

27 October, 2021

   East Asia Summit Leaders’ "Statement on Mental Health Cooperation"

   East Asia Summit Leaders’ "Statement on Sustainable Recovery"

 East Asia Summit Leaders’ "Statement on Economic Growth Through Tourism Recovery"

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