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ASEAN-India Artist Camp


ASEAN-India Artist Camp 

20th -29th September, 2017

In conjunction with the 25th anniversary of ASEAN-India Dialogue Relations, Ministry of External Affairs in collaboration with SEHER held the ASEAN–India Artists’ Camp from 20th – 29th September, 2017. ASEAN and India share common cultural and civilizational linkages that go back to the medieval times. A lot of similarities can be found in literature, architecture, and religious texts and even in folk practices. Art is a powerful tool that brings people together and imbibes the socio-cultural practices of the time. The ASEAN-India camp was one a kind of project that recognized the power of art in fostering cultural exchange as well as understanding between cultures for the purposes of mutual comprehension and tolerance.

The ASEAN-India camp comprised of some well-known and upcoming visual artists specifically painters from the ASEAN region and artists from India. The visual artists from ASEAN and India work together in this unique cultural endeavor. Apart from working on their individual artwork, the artists also took part in formal and informal discussion and workshops. This project not only further a deeper understanding and appreciation of the rich visual art traditions in ASEAN and India but also increased awareness of the ASEAN identity amongst creative intellectuals and public at large.

Find out more on: http://www.aseanindiaartcamp.com/

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